How do I find a Women’s Health Physiotherapist in my area?

Go to the “contact us” section from the navigation bar on the left and send an email to the membership secretary giving your postcode. You will then be emailed back with the work contact details of any physios in your locality.

Where do I find details of your leaflets?

All details on which leaflets we publish and how to order them are under the “leaflet” section of the site. Some of the leaflets are downloadable but for viewing only.

What courses do you run?

All the details about the courses can be found under “courses” or “workshops”. The academic courses, which lead to membership of the association, last about 18 months and lead to a qualification. The workshops are 2 day courses. Both are only available to physiotherapists.

Can you help me find academic papers or articles?

Because the world of research is constantly changing, and the field of Women’s Health covers many aspects of healthcare it is impossible for us to list an up to date catalogue of articles. We advise that you use respected medical search engines such as MedLine, the Cochrane library or CINAHL.

How can I get help with funding for courses / research?

If you are a member of ACPWH you are eligible to apply for assistance with funding for courses or research. Details of the Dame Josephine Barnes bursary is on the “membership” page. Application forms are at the bottom of the same page. Students are eligible to apply for the Marjorie Polden bursary, the recipient will be able to attend the annual conference for free. Details again on the same page.