Dame Josephine Barnes Bursary

Ownership of the bursary

The bursary is owned by and used by ACPWH for educational and research needs and for promoting women’s health and continence in this country and abroad.

The bursary fund is topped up each year. Up to £3000 per year will be made available for this award and this amount will be reviewed every two years by the executive committee.

The implementation of the awards will be overseen by a small group from the executive and the education sub-committee which will normally include the ACPWH chairman and treasurer.

Applications to the bursary

Application forms are available electronically from the ACPWH website. Applications will be considered every six months and should normally be submitted, via email, to the chairman before the closing dates of January 1st and July 1st each year.

Applications – whether single or as a group – can be retrospective or anticipatory.

The applicants must produce information about the course/research they are embarking on, along with all cost implications. There should also be evidence of applying, or the intention to apply, elsewhere for additional funding.

In all cases, the maximum amount granted shall be £500, and there is no minimum amount that shall be awarded.

Use of the bursary

It will be made available for use in the following ways;

1. Part-funding of courses

a. To help towards subsidising up to four places on the validated university courses which are recognised by ACPWH as a route to membership of the association. In order to qualify for this assistance the candidate must be a member or affiliate of the association and will be required to pledge a further year’s membership on completion of the course.

b. To part-fund places on other appropriate courses/conferences in this country or abroad.

c. To give financial help to those doing a Master’s degree relevant to women’s health and/or continence.

2. The development of research in women’s health and continence

a. To give funding towards research projects relevant to women’s health and/or continence

b. To fund/part-fund a course which would enable a project or a piece of research to be undertaken.

cTo encourage evidence based practice, e.g. an ACPWH annual workshop on how to get started with a research project. This would be at member’s request.

dTo promote a project nationally for the benefit of physiotherapists working in women’s health or continence, e.g. standardised outcome measures or research organised country-wide -small groups bringing information centrally.

3. Directive of the Association

a. Fund an issue that emerges from the discussion groups at the annual conference that the members consider needs addressing.

b. Enable members to travel abroad where they would be acting as an ambassador for ACPWH and also promoting of women’s health and/or continence.

Criteria for selection

All applicants must:

  • Be a paid up member or affiliate of ACPWH

  • Fill in/complete the necessary application form

  • Provide evidence that they have sought funding elsewhere, whether successful or unsuccessful, including any employer’s contribution i.e study leave

  • Give concise reasons for application, explaining the benefits to women’s health, the Association, the patient, and/or physiotherapy generally

  • Provide a Curriculum Vitae

  • Explain the relevance to the applicant’s career development and future Continuing Professional Development

  • Provide a precise breakdown of expected expenses i.e course fees, travel, subsistence

  • Seek the cheapest travel and accommodation (within reasonable limits, i.e block travel bookings by agreed carriers, block hotel bookings, APEX and cheap return tickets)

  • When travelling abroad, provide evidence of adequate insurance cover

  • Provide a précis of the course content or research project, or an abstract of the lecture or poster presentation

  • Provide evidence of acceptance on the course or an invitation to speak

  • Agree to provide a write-up for the ACPWH journal

  • Submit the application before the agreed deadline